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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance helps prevent problems.

Modelitup recommends maintaining your site as much as possible. This is a task that should be kept up to help your site is running as optimal as possible. This is also a great way to keep code up to date to prevent attackers from attempting to break into your site with vulnerable code.

Website Maintenance provides updates to your plugins and themes so they’re protected from known vulnerabilities.

Modelitup can help keep you up to date so you can steer clear of problems while focusing on your goal destination.

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Why do I even need maintenance?

Some believe if your site isn’t showing errors everything’s fine. However many don’t realize errors not shown on the site can sometimes be shown in error logs saved on the server. If errors are present in your error logs we recommend resolving each problem to ensure your server doesn’t slow down due to hidden errors.

Updates also indicate possible threats to your website as the update could be due to a vulnerability recently found and fixed. Prolonging the update prolongs the ability to defend against this vulnerability and attackers may search out for those with the vulnerability and attempt to attack your site.

When considering to use Website Maintenance we like to ask do you have enough time to check your site daily, weekly, or monthly? If you don’t have enough time then we will gladly help you keep your website up to date so you can focus on your goals.