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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Finding the right Website Hosting Plan for you!

Website Hosting is like your home on the internet and its address is your domain. We provide storage based on your needs and can help you with website development much faster.


Think of Storage as your business size.

Do you have a Small, Medium or Large business? Will your business grow over time due to community, added content, or input from the website? Storage starts with your websites files, photos, audio, and video file sizes.

However if your site is built to allow uploading, and members to add content this can add to your storage.

Each picture, video, text, or page adds up your storage size.

Not sure how much storage you need for your website hosting? Contact Us and tell us about your project.

How much Bandwidth do I need?

Your website consists of images, videos, and file types that visitors must download to view your website.

Much like your storage amount each file has a specific size.
When a visitor wishes to view a page they request to download all the content on the page to view it.

We have a great selection of bandwidth options within our website hosting.



A website uses a database when users store information about themselves, or the server requests information about the site based on the visitor.

These databases can be used for a variety of tools such as Content Management Systems, and other tools that require information to be stored available to be changed.

We provide a variety of space for extra databases when required.

Mailbox Mail

Website Hosting’s Webmail is your online mail box.

Webmail consists of the amount of email accounts you require, the storage each mailbox can contain, and additional abilities such as auto responders and email forwarding.

Much like real mail it can be sent Junkmail. This is considered “Spam” which we take seriously and provide methods to reduce as much as possible.