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Website Development

Website Development

The 7 Phases

We specialize in WordPress Website Development to ensure that the owner(s) have full control of their website at all times. Modelitup uses 7 Phases of Website Development so you can know where your website stands in the development and what is left before launch.

Phase 1

Phase 1: Analysis

We start off by figuring out who you are and what your website purpose and goals are.

Once we determine your goals we ask if you have any competition and your target audience.

We focus on understanding how to accomplish the outcome of these goals before we start planning the site.

Phase 2

Phase 2: Planning

Once we have an idea of what your site needs we figure out the Sitemap. This includes the navigation and site structure. We will then go over the technologies and tools we will use to complete the project.

Phase 3

Phase 3: Design

In this phase we focus on blocking out your design and visual style.

Once we have the best style we focus on the user interface and make sure your site will work for desktop, and mobile devices. At this point our Website Development is fairly close to complete, what’s next is fine tuning.

Phase 4

Phase 4: Content

When we work on Phase 4 we will go over the text, photos. and videos. When we’re provided the content we will optimize and re-word to ensure top search engine optimization.

Phase 5

Phase 5: Development

We then focus on the the foundation HTML, PHP, Javascript and more. We then modify the CSS coding to ensure proper branding and colors are used all around the site. For your data we setup your databases to keep all information stored for ease of editing. We can also focus on ensuring Responsive Design so your site works on tablets, phones, and more!

Phase 6

Phase 6: Testing

Once the development is almost complete we begin Technical Testing. This includes seeing if there are any bugs existing and fixing them along with testing on multiple browser types. We then review the site and confirm that it meets all of the original Phase 1 Goals and answers our ultimate question. “Does it¬†fulfill its purpose?”

Phase 7

Phase 7: Deployment

Once your website development is complete we launch your site while monitoring your sites traffic, and page loads to ensure the site is working properly. We then confirm that there are no existing bugs within the website development. If any bugs exist with the website development we will act on resolving them.

We can then offer Maintenance Services if you need help keeping your site up to date.

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